PREMIUM PRO LUBE was developed out of the need for something better. Something better than what is currently on the market today. Looking for a good spray lube at the store is very confusing and time consuming. It's hard to pick which one is the right choice.

PREMIUM PRO LUBE is the right choice for an all around high quality spray lubricant. Whether you are a professional tradesman or just the average user - that was the goal in taking the time to develop this world class product. It was originally developed for a specific use and trade. No shortcuts were taken, it had to be better than what was out there today! Test after test proved it out performed the major name brands.

We knew it was good, we just did not realize how good and versatile its performance would be. It worked great on everything it was tested on - from a bike chain to a motorcycle chain, a window to a lock hasp. On outdoor equipment it prevented rust/corrosion and protected the steel surface from the harsh weather. It did it over and over again. We were beside ourselves.

We had not only achieved our goal from the start, we far exceeded it! Almost 2 years were invested and we have done it! Time very well spent. We are so excited to bring you this product and we know you will not be disappointed.

If you have a use or a story, please send it to us. We are going to add a page dedicated to our customer uses and comments. We were surprised at how many testers were sending us notes telling us how much better PREMIUM PRO LUBE was compared to what they were currently using or have used in the past. In Quiet we Trust!



Premium Pro Lube Lasting Lubrication

About Premium Pro Lube Lasting Lubrication

Premium Pro Lube

All in One Plus Silence in a Can

Lasting lubrication, instant quite with no drip after it penetrates/migrates. Lasts longer than other lubes / sprays. Thinner than grease, firmer than penetrating spray lubes.

Stick On! Stays On! Quiets On!

Prevents rust corrosion, withstands severe temperatures, resists water washout, prevents sticking and freezing of water to meta, lasts longer than other lubes

It reaches the squeak, sets up for quiet